The Ultimate Shark Diving Adventure
Aliwal Shoal on the Kwazulu Natal South Coast, South of Durban, is famous for diving with Sharks!! Blue Ocean Dive Resort are the experts in shark diving, shark dive packages and excursions. Our expert shark guides will ensure the ultimate shark diving experience and ensure you encounter the maximum amount of shark sightings and species.

No matter what time of year, you are guaranteed SHARKS.

(6 Nights Bed & Breakfast, 7 Days, 10 Dives)

Aliwal Shoal


Price: R 12 450.00 – p/p Diving +- (£ 692.00 / € 830.00)
Price: R  4 230.00 – Non Diver +- (£ 235.00 / € 282.00)


Day 1 : Arrive King Shaka International Airport (Durban) & Transfer to Blue Ocean Dive Resort (Umkomaas)


Day 2 : 1 x “Baited” Shark Dive (Oceanic Black Tip Sharks) & 1 x Shark Dive (Aliwal Shoal)


Day 3 : 2 x Shark Dives (Aliwal Shoal)


Day 4 : 1 x Tiger Shark Dive & 1 x Bull Shark Dive (Aliwal Shoal)


Day 5: 2 x Shark Dives (Aliwal Shoal)


Day 6: 1 x “Baited” Shark Dive (Oceanic Black Tip Sharks) & 1 x Shark Dive (Aliwal Shoal)


Day 7: Transfer back to King Shaka International Airport (Durban)


*Itinerary subject to change to accommodate weather conditions

**Additional Dives are available and can be arranged when you are here

(9 Nights Bed & Breakfast, 10 Days, 18 Dives)

Protea Banks and Aliwal Shoal.

Price: R 18 300.00 – p/p Diving +- (£ 1016.00 / € 1180.00)
Price: R  5 580.00 – Non Diver +- (£ 310.00 / € 360.00)


Day 1 : Arrive King Shaka International Airport (Durban) & Transfer to Blue Ocean Dive Resort (Umkomaas)


Day 2 : 1 x “Baited” Shark Dive (Oceanic Black Tip Sharks) & 1 x Shark Dive (Aliwal Shoal)


Day 3 : 2 x Shark Dives (Aliwal Shoal)


Day 4 : 1 x Tiger Shark Dive & 1 x Bull Shark Dive (Aliwal Shoal)


Day 5 : 2 x Shark Dives (Aliwal Shoal)


Day 6 : 1 x Tiger Shark Dive & 1 x Shark Dive (Protea Banks)


*Should weather not allow launching at Protea Banks dives will be replaced at Aliwal Shoal

Day 7 : 2 x Shark Dive (Aliwal Shoal)


Day 8 : 2 x Rocky Bay Shark Dives on the Southern Reefs




Terrestrial Excursion day off diving (E.G. Tala Nature Reserve, Durban Zulu Heritage Tour of spice and muti markets etc.)


Day 9 : 1 x “Baited” Shark Dive (Oceanic Black Tip Sharks) & 1 x Shark Dive (Aliwal Shoal)


Day 10 : Transfer back to King Shaka International Airport (Durban)

*Itinerary subject to change to accommodate weather conditions

**Additional Dives are available and can be arranged when you are here

We are the only operator that has 3 brand new boats, and only the best equipment in the dive center, as a result you are assured of:


  • No students on your boat
  • Sharks
  • Advanced Qualified Divers only (Min 30 logged dives)
  • Sharks
  • Maximum 8 divers on a boat to avoid overcrowding and cater for camera equipment
  • Sharks
  • Experienced Shark Guides
  • Did I Mention SHARKS


Package Includes

  • All transfers
  • 6 or 9 Nights Accommodation – Blue Ocean Aliwal Shoal
  • ALL Reef / Wreck / Shark & Baited Dives (as per chosen package)
  • Nitrox Fills  EANX for the Deep Reef Exploration Dives
  • Cylinders Hire
  • Weight Hire
  • Breakfast
  • MPA Permits (Aliwal Shoal is a Marine Protected Area)


Does Not Include

  • Dinners
  • Lunches
  • Flights
  • Airport Taxes
  • Visas
  • Passports
  • Personal/Travel Insurance
  • Gear Hire (Available from Blue Ocean Dive Resort at a daily rate of R 350.00)
  • Tips / Gratuities (optional cost at guest’s personal discretion)


On the Ultimate Shark Dive Adventure you will be diving with sharks everyday. We will constantly be scouting for the different species that can be found on the world famous Aliwal Shoal Reef Systems. This makes every dive an adventure especially when we go looking for the more elusive species such as the Tiger, Hammerhead and Bull Sharks or spend an entire dive with the majestic Ragged Tooth Sharks.


This package is catered to the Ultimate Adventure seeker, the thrill of the life time, Sharks are the name, diving’s the game. We have developed various different methods to attract the different species of Shark, ensuring that you have the best possible chance of encountering as many different species as possible depending on conditions and the season. At the same time, however, you have a chance of seeing some other wonderful creatures such as, Manta Rays, Spotted Eagle Rays, Devil Rays, Dolphins, Humpback Whales……… the list goes on!!


Blue Ocean Dive Resort is the premier dive operator on Aliwal Shoal, you are assured of only the best service. We are the only operator with a Lodge, Sea View Deck Restaurant, Bar and Dive Center all conveniently located on the same premises. From the moment we pick you up at the airport until we drop you off again you will feel at home. We are a diving family ready to blow your mind!!! You will have a great time when we have our Braai Evenings (BBQ) sitting around the fire having a relaxing drink, showing off some awesome photography and chatting about the diving that day. We have great fun when we stroll down to the local fish restaurant on the beach for our Prawn/Seafood Dinner. We pride ourselves in being able to make all our guests feel at home and relax as per the many Trip Advisor reviews we have received attesting to this. We love what we do, we have as much fun as you do, that is why you will have the time of your life.


Because of the amount of accommodation we have available we DO NOT charge a single supplement. This means you are NOT penalized for travelling alone!! 


Our facilities allow us to accommodate large groups of up to 24 (we have 3 boats, 8 per boat, but can hire a fourth if needed for group of 32) Our Dive Lodge can accommodate up to 54.


No matter what time of year, you are guaranteed SHARKS. Aliwal Shoal boasts all year round shark activity:


June to Nov: Ragged Tooth Sharks (Aliwal Shoal is their breeding grounds)

May to Sept: Dusky Sharks

Nov to May: Tiger Sharks AND Bull (Zambezi) Sharks

Oct to Mar: Hammerhead Sharks

Dec to Feb: Whale Sharks

Dec to May: White Tip Reef Sharks

Mar to Oct: Giant Guitar Sharks

ALL Year Round: Oceanic (Pelagic) Black Tip Sharks


During your stay with us, should you be interested, we have 2 awesome wreck dives on Aliwal Shoal, the MV Produce (sank 1974) and the Nebo (sank 1884). Although we rarely see sharks on the wrecks they do make for beautiful dives just for something different.

Dives available on Aliwal Shoal:

Ragged Tooth Shark Dive – (May-Oct)

From May to about October Aliwal Shoal Reef System becomes the mating Grounds for Ragged Tooth Sharks. They congregate in huge numbers, first the males arrive and then a little later the females. To successfully mate the male will bite onto the fins of the female so as to get her into position, because of this we are always picking up Shark Teeth around the reef which makes for an awesome momento. Ragged Tooth Sharks are not afraid of divers and allow us to get extremely close. There are certain spots on the reef that we can spend the entire dive with them getting some magnificent photographic shots.

Bull Shark Dive – (Nov – April)

During the summer months we go looking for the Bull Shark or Zambezi Shark as it is known locally. They are much more elusive and shy. We have methods to attract them by creating vibration in the water. We dive in the deeper areas for them out to sea on the Outside Edge of the reef. Known as the Body Builder of the ocean because of their big stocky appearance they make their presence felt when we see them. This is also the area where we find the Hammerhead Shark and run into some other awesome animals such as Eagle Rays, Devil Rays, Manta Rays and various other game fish. Nitrox fills included for these dives so as to maximize bottom time and Minimize sit out time. More time in the water and less time on the surface means more chances of finding SHARKS!!


By creating an odour corridor with our purpose built “Bait Stem” we are able to attract these magnificent predators all year round!!! Oceanic Black Tip Sharks are highly pelagic (deep ocean), as a result they are built for speed and are prolific hunters. There can be up to 40 sharks on a dive surrounding the divers. They get really up close and are not afraid to enter your personal space. Your cameras will be working over time here, bring the BIG memory card!!!!

Baited Tiger Shark Dive – (All Year round 12 months)

This dive is run exactly the same as the Baited Dive above except that now we are specifically baiting for Tiger Sharks. In this instance we go to a different area where we are able to anchor the bait stem for up to an hour trying to attract the Tigers. Divers must be prepared to be a little patient on the boat during the baiting process, but, the rewards when the Tiger shows itself is phenomenal!! When the weather conditions allow we will anchor the Bait Stem and then move off for the Shark Dive and come back to the stem a few hours later. If we do not attract any Tigers we move off to the other baited area where we do the *Baited Shark Dive (Oceanic Black Tip Shark)

Southern Reefs 

These reefs are located a few kilometers South of Aliwal Shoal. Because these reefs are very seldom dived they always produce the most fantastic sightings and abundance of aquatic life. We often find the very big Bull Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks on these reefs.Great White Sharks have also been spotted on these reefs. These reefs are all between 24 and 40 meters and require an advanced and Nitrox certifications. We can do the Nitrox certification for you. We have many GPS marks of reefs in this area that we have not yet dived. If you feel like a little adventure we can do some exploration dives.

Optional Upgrades:

One day Big 5 Safari at Hluhluwe Game Reserve (adds 1 Night & 1 Day to package)
R SQ (Incl ALL Transfers)

2 Day Big 5 Safari 1 Day Hippo and Croc River Cruise (adds 2 Nights & 3 days to package)
R SQ (Incl ALL Transfers)

Dive with us for an unforgettable experience.
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