PADI Bubble Makers

PADI Bubble Maker Titbits:

  • Minimum Age 8 Years old
  • Maximum Depth 2m / 6ft
  • Limited to pool only
  • Duration 1.5 days


Kids can learn to dive too. Let’s face it, they’re fearless. Introduce your child to the world of Scuba and the weightless fun of diving. Give them insight to what it is that Mom & Dad are doing when they don all this funny looking equipment and why mom is wearing a a thick, long sleeved “cat” suit to go swimming.

Your children will feel a part of the commotions that happen in the mornings when you kit up. It will give them an understanding of the underwater world. They will learn how to breathe under water, use all the scuba equipment, learn scuba signs, learn scuba safety, grow their confidence for when they become Open Water Divers. The perfect way to get them started in their dive career and keep them busy with a babysitter in the form of a PADI instructor while mom & dad are diving.

Oh…and did I mention? Your Junior Champion even gets a PADI Bubble Maker Certificate to show off!!!

Or how about a Bubble Maker Birthday Party. Your little one will be the envy of all their friends. We can even send you invitations customised to their Bubble Maker party.

Introduce your kid to the wondrous world of diving.
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