Baited Shark Dive



Highly misunderstood, misrepresented and falsely accused, these apex predators offer you the mind-blowing, not-to-be-missed, experience of a life time. The baited shark dive is done off the Aliwal Shoal crown area and attract up to 40 pelagic black-tip sharks throughout the year. A guest appearance in summer by the ever shy and elusive tiger shark makes visitors stream to Aliwal. Face your fear, come do a baited shark dive and be left speechless and in awe. No words can describe the euphoria of a dive with these magnificent creatures, right from the shores of Umkomaas.

By using a suitable bait stem and bucket suspended at about 8-10m and allowed to drift in the currents, we are able to attract different species of sharks with the specific aim of the tiger shark. Although tiger sharks are seasonal visitors (summer months), there are almost always between 20 to 40 oceanic black tips on most baited shark dives. These are pelagic sharks that reach up to 2.5m in length. Dusky sharks and bull sharks also make the occasional appearance. Diving with these predators is truly an experience of a life time and a major adrenaline rush for sharkaholics.


Visit our website gallery to see some of the astounding shots and videos taken on these dives to get a taste for how your dive could be. Our Dive masters have experience and confidence with these animals but also utmost respect. The nature of the Shark Dive, drifting mis water, makes it perfect for Peak Performance Buoyancy

Ready for a diving experience of a lifetime?
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